The Weeknd To Appear Four Times On Drake’s ‘Take Care’

    Last week, Drake downplayed the role that other producers/contributors will have on his sophomore album, Take Care, saying that his longtime producer 40 touched everything on the album. Today, comes news of a different stripe, as he’s playing up the Weeknd’s contribution to the album, telling MTV that Abel Telsfaye is on four tracks on the album, calling him a “collaborator”:

    “He’s like a writer, collaborator on four songs on my album which I’m very proud of,” Drake said. “I usually don’t branch out writing-wise working with other people. I usually like to write all my own stuff, but we get it. We try to tap into the same emotions because we’re from the same city.”

    How great would it be if Drake’s album ends up being a mainstream version of the Weeknd’s drugged out R&B? Drake also confirmed that the Florence & the Machine collaboration he was prepping is not on the album, as it hasn’t happened yet. [P4K]