The Weeknd Releases “Echoes Of Silence” Mixtape

    Abel Tesfaye promised us we would get a trilogy of mixtapes from him this year under his guise as the Weeknd, and he’s just delivered the final installment. The nine track collection is titled Echoes of Silence and is available now as a free download from this link. Tesfaye has tweeted about it: ”i hope they don’t hang me for my decisions on #echoesofsilence.” 

    The opening song “D.D.” is actually a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana,” while other highlights include a cut produced by Clams Casino titled “The Fall.” This caps a remarkable year for the Toronto-based Tesfaye, who has featured strongly in many year-end polls, particularly for his House of Balloons mixtape.

    The track listing for Echoes of Silence looks like this: 

    1. D.D.
    2. Montreal
    3. Outside
    4. XO/The Host
    5. Initiation
    6. Same Old Song
    7. The Fall
    8. Next
    9. Echoes of Silence