The Week in Killers: Brandon Flowers Strikes Back at Coachella Protestors, Denies “Copeland” Relationship With Drummer

    Another week has gone by in the world of the Killers, and band frontman Brandon Flowers again finds himself repelling assaults from all sides. This week, the primary annoyance in his quest to become the American Bono was a group of Coachella attendees who circulated a petition demanding the Killers be removed from their closing slot. Flowers, after taking time to formulate his response, countered by saying that the fans could basically have an encounter with themselves and were too obsessed with Nirvana and Led Zeppelin to enjoy what the Killers have to offer. Flowers continued that he would put his band’s set up against “anybody’s in the world.” It’s good to see that Flowers is standing firm in his commitment to his craft, but he’d better scale back his ambitions slightly. Though the Killers could easily beat most mariachi bands and college choirs,  some of those Tuvan throat singers can really rake.


    In other Killers news, Flowers also had to take time from determining whether we are, in fact, human or dancer to deny that he and drummer Ronnie Vannucci were having a tiff. Flowers went on the record to say that “everybody’s being pretty nice to one another at the moment.” Vannucci added that there is a “happy, homey feel” in the band of late. Rock on, gentlemen, rock on. [Contact Music]