The Week According to Prefix: 12.23.10

    Just a couple of weeks ago, it seemed like the internet was just a super-futuristic way to share Christmas songs and year-end lists. There was no shortage of the former this week (more on that below), but with most year-end lists out of the way (including ours), the internet needed to find something (or someone) to fill the void. Damon Albarn filled that role with vigor, providing us with a whopping six news stories over the course of four days. We started the workweek by reporting on the rumor that Blur might be releasing a new album in 2011, and followed that up (10 minutes later!) with a brief trailer for Gorillaz’ new album, titled The Fall. The next few days brought that album’s tracklisting (and news of its first leaked track), along with footage of Gorillaz playing its last show with its current line-up. And somewhere along the line, Albarn–possibly in an effort to make you realize what a lazy asshole you are–announced his plans to score an upcoming short film.


    For all his prolificacy, though, Albarn was seemingly the only musician who didn’t release a Christmas song this week (although The Fall comes out on Christmas Day, so who knows what he’s got up his sleeves). Really, though, Christmas songs for all ages and dispositions this week. We have Jose Feliciano making his Prefix debut, performing his timeless “Feliz Navidad” on Fallon; we have Sharon Jones performing “Ain’t No Chimney in the Projects,” on Leno; we have five versions of Atlas Sound’s Christmas contribution, “Artificial Snow.” Plus, for those of you who aren’t so into the whole holiday spirit thing, we have some of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All performing their “Fuck This Christmas” (although if you find yourself nodding in agreement to Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All songs, I’d watch out). Finally, we have Snoop Dogg (in conjunction with Pepsi Max?) delivering his very own version of the Christmas story. I’ll let him round out the week for us.