The Week According to Prefix: 11.05.10

    So if this is the first time you’ve been online in the last 24 hours, let us here at Prefix be the ones to break the news to you: Lil’ Wayne is, finally, out of prison, free to hit up all the strip clubs in Miami. (In other music-legal news: Gucci Mane just narrowly avoided jailtime, and the Happy Mondays’ Bez probably won’t be so lucky if anybody can find him.)


    The week’s other big news tended to revolve around the mid-term elections, which provided us with endless examples of what happens when popular music and politics collide. George Bush said that Kanye West’s claiming he didn’t care about black people was the nadir of his presidency (seems like an attempt to latch onto Dark Twisted Fantasy‘s mammoth hype cycle, if you ask me…). And, somehow, that wasn’t even the strangest musico-political news story of the week. No, that dubious distinction goes to the Rent is Too Damn High guy, who, admirably taking advantage of his moment in the zeitgeist, released an album centered around his favorite theme (i.e. the rent being damnably high). Weird, but in a different way, is this “election day special” video from Bilal. Weird, but in a totally fucking weird way, are the Tea Party’s bizarre music videos, which our own Chris Chafin intelligently dissects in this feature from earlier in the week.


    It may be hard for the internet to see past the release of Dark Twisted Fantasy (dude’s performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!), but this week gave us some pleasant hints as to what 2011 may have in store. Smith Westerns and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart were the fuzzy breakouts of indie rock’s class of 2009, and this week they both provided us with the first singles from their respective early ’11 releases. Both songs (here’s the Pains’ and the Westerns’) sound a little less exuberant that the ones that preceded them, a possible symptom of kids just not going to shows like they used to.


    On the last Week According to Prefix, we told you to check back next time to see what ’90s band would reunite in the coming days. Well, we got the next best thing: The Feelies, ’80s purveyors of jumpy nerd chic, will be releasing their first studio album in twenty years in 2011. Yo La Tengo–fellow members of the ’80s Hoboken scene–have been around almost as long as The Feelies, except they never stopped recording. They’ll be giving their massive discography an innovative workout next year, when they leave the first half of their set up to a wheel of fate. Which is great news, because Yo La Tengo never stopped sucking. The same cannot be said of the Rolling Stones, who will be putting on a couple of shows you cant afford and putting out an album you wont listen to in 2011. The Kinks, at least, have some self-respect (or, rather, some serious familial dysfunction): Ray Davies said earlier this week that he will never do a Kinks reunion.


    Oh, and this video is awesome: