The Week According to Prefix: 10.29.10

    “Memories make we want to go back there.” So maybe Weezer isn’t the subtlest of bands (never was, really), but when you see those lyrics spelled out–as in their new “Memories” video–you might realize they’ve written the ultimate refrain for this backwards-looking, ’90s-fetishizing year. It seems the farther we get from that decade (Sony’s stopped making Walkmen, for chrissakes!), the more influence that decade seems to exert. See, for example, this video by Yuck, which our own Andrew Winistorfer said “looks like a clip that would have played on Alternative Nation back in the day.”

    This year has been big on ’90s reunions (GBV will be playing NYC New Year’s, BTW), yet The Ultimate ’90s Reunion–Nirvana–is a physical impossibility. This week, we learned that we’ll be getting the next (waay next) best thing: Kris Novoselic, original Nirvana bassist, will be joining Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters on their next record (to be produced by Butch Vig! We can at least expect some Colour and the Shape-era quality, right?).
    That omnipresent missing figure, Kurt Cobain, somehow didn’t make Forbes’ list of the top-earning dead celebrities (chalk it up to too few proper albums), which Michael Jackson unsurprisingly topped. If money was measured in hipness, though, then Tony Wilson’s recently unveiled headstone would almost certainly put him in the top spot.
    This week also provided us with a nice synthesis between old and new. I’m referring to this collaboration between Crystal Castles and Robert Smith, which Erik Ziedses des Plantes, if he didn’t know better, would call “the best Cure song in over a decade.” “Won One,” the new Souls of Mischief track, might be their best song in over a decade–although make that two decades and “’93 Till Infinity” swallows it whole.
    This week still provided us with some serious only-in-2010 moments: Nicki Minaj and Robyn acting alternately weird and sexy in their respective music videos, Baths evolving chillwave, Cee-Lo following up the awesome “Fuck You” with the awesome “Bright Lights, Bigger City.” Which is all well and good–but then there’s the pressing question of just what ’90s band might reunite next! Check back next week for the answer (and there will be an answer).