The Village People’s Cop Is Suing For Rights To The Band’s Songs

    Earlier this week, we posted a story about how musicians with songs that were released on major labels in 1978 could start suing for the rights to their songs, taking back what their labels have owned for 35 years. Well, a wave of artists have started that process, with the cop from the Village People, Victor Willis, being the latest. Willis’ case might be the most financially beneficial for him: After all, name me a public event that doesn’t play “Y.M.C.A.” at least once. 

    But there’s a new wrinkle in Willis’ case: Two publishing companies are claiming that the rights should revert to them, should they be terminated with the label, seeing as they paid Willis as a contract songwriter. Willis is prepared to go to court, where we all will presumably learn some more stuff about how contracts between labels, publishing companies and singers work. Because this stuff is on some John Grisham right now. [NY Times]