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The Velvet Underground's Moe Tucker Endorses The Tea Party (Video)



Well, here's a depressing news clip to bring you down on a Friday afternoon. At first this seems like a standard piece of news coverage on the Tax Day protests undertaken by the Tea Party. But then, around the 2:45 mark, a familiar figure emerges. "I'm furious about the way we're being led towards socialism," says Maureen Tucker, erstwhile drummer of the Velvet Underground, and now a member of an exclusive club of unlikely right-leaning artists that includes Johnny Ramone and Vincent Gallo

"I'm furious about the incredible waste of money when things that we really need and are important get dropped because there's no money left," she continues. It's possible that this isn't Tucker, as it's yet to be officially verified, but it looks so much like her that it seems like a nailed-on certainty. Get ready for plenty of "All Tomorrow's Tea Parties" headlines in the next few days.


[via The Guardian]

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Funny, I came here just to post "All Tomorrow's Tea Parties." There have to be some other puns we can make, right?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/airgordon/morrisseycatjpg.jpg airgordon

Ugh. These people are the absolute WORST.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Kali/Jumble 030_2.jpg Kali

These things happen.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

Why is it depressing?


Yeah, sorry about believing that money should be spent by the people who earned it. So awful...


Why is it "unlikely" that rock musicians would deviate from your mainstream, left-leaning "progressive" political ideology? Why is it depressing? Are all performing artists supposed to don their Che shirts and toe the Marxist line or what? Frankly, that oppressive conformity, dripping with hypocrisy (if I have to listen to one more self-important celebrity who lives in a multi-million dollar mansion and travels the world in a private jet tell me to recycle, or that capitalism is evil while touting the success of their latest multi-platinum release that you can only get at Target for a limited time, I'll puke) is revolting and vapidly thoughtless.

Like with most everything they do, these celebrities are just triangulating their image with their fan base, and "vote or die" plays well with the white college kids who actually buy Diddy's records, just like stumping for Obama makes Springstein's aging boomer fans cream their depends. The Dixie chicks learned the hard way that coming out against the prevailing political opinions of your core audience can cost you big-time (though it did make a bunch of urban liberals buy country records they'll never listen to, you know, to show "solidarity"). Other celebrities watched and learned, and here, you are just reinforcing the lesson.

So, I think Moe and others like her are the ones who really have the courage that comes with their convictions, and I respect their bravery and honesty all more for the snarky condescension it is sure to engender from the "cool kids" like you guys. It's easy to do the expected Hollywood limousine liberal schtick (as blowhards Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin demonstrate), but obviously much harder to do the "unlikely right-leaning" thing, so at least we can trust that they're sincere.

Plus, she's right about the egregious waste, and the galloping socialism, too.


Yeah, since when did musicians speak out against the government?

Jim Treacher

yeah, because celebrities are never allowed to make political statements, correct?


Your indignation is amusing, even if puerile. Its sounds like you have been well-propagandized and they have had epiphanies.

Most artists are forced to keep their mouths shut (and their "right-leaning" thoughts to themselves) because of the furious little bands of neotrots that will squeal and fling their poo if they dare stray from the orthodoxy.

On the other hand, it is the entertainment industry, so who gives a damn! Why do you guys demand such rigid conformity? It's like putting your brains in jail!


Communism has failed everywhere it's been tried. The democrat party is too stupid to understand that (some in the Grand Old Party, as well)

Democrats have been pushing communism under the name of "liberalism" and "progressivism" on this country for 100 years.

I say thank GOD for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. It took these two rabid, idiotic radicals to wake America up and realize what is going on.

The democrat party will eventually die. It has to. The radical Marxists took it over and destroyed it.

On a brighter note, Conservatism WORKS every time IT'S tried.

Welcome to the fight Maureen Tucker!


This has to be a first. Musicians never make political statements. He must be silenced.


Whats wrong with someone having their own opinion? Not every musician has be a zombie for left-wing politics


This is really depressing. Why can't she just keep her mouth shut and be a good musician? What is she thinking? Why is she thinking? She should just let Prefix do all her thinking for her.
Why would anyone be against a government that continues to oppose drug legalization, a government that kills unarmed civilians in other countries, a government that sacrifices young people in an unwinnable war while ensuring the survivors and the following generations will be deeply in debt and trapped in an abysmal new health care system?
We should support the government, right or wrong, just like they did in the 60s!


Huh! Who knew that even artists don't want to be slaves to a big government nanny state?


How dare someone think for themselves! Maureen's out of the cool kids club for sure now.

Jim R

You're right - this is depressing news. I hate to be reminded that Obama's IRS is going to come after me to pay for his mess.


So why is this depressing? Since when do all artists and musicians have to believe the same things? So the only time it's a good thing to be anti-establishment is when there is a conservative establishment? Personally, I think it's great news!

You lefties need to understand that the end result of socialism / marxism is slavery. Just ask Mao, or Stalin, or even....Che....


That IS depressing. Music is about nonconformity, man, and we can't be nonconformists if we all start having different opinions about things!

Kasper Hauser

Not everyone is as smart, enlightened and artistically clever as we are. Poor Moe, not speaking the only acceptable line of reasoning angry rich white kids are allowed to hold.


>>Ugh. These people are the absolute WORST.

Yeah. How f***ing DARE they want the government to spend less money and not go bankrupt?


Maybe my mate Moe's got a point. Maybe the govt is wasting a lot of money on things that aren't helping. Maybe they should stop spending like the Navy lads on a two-day bender.

Johnny Vicious

Yes, Heaven forbid someone disagree with us politically. Another unit lost from the Collective...


So, I guess that all musicians MUST toe the "party" line? Heaven forbid they don't follow the sheeple of the left toward the cliff.


It's incumbent upon all musicians—especially those in seminal proto-punk bands like VU—to have roughly the same, boring lefty politics-practically a union rule.


Tell us more about the 'exclusive club of unlikely right-leaning artists that includes Johnny Ramone and Vincent Gallo,' please.


Yes, how depressing. It's absolutely imperative that all musicians share the exactly the same agenda, exactly the same beliefs, and exactly the same politics. We cannot allow dissent in this regard!


How dare she deviate from the accepted norm for musician political views. She must be stopped. We must all think alike.

bob sanders

Why is this depressing? Aren't punk rocker supposed to be anti-establishment?


Sad? This is awesome. Kudos to Tucker for showing some balls and screw you for being unable to live with freedom of thought.


Oh no! A musician who doesn't have the proper left-leaning political sensibilities! Whatever shall we do?


Just because you're involved in the arts doesn't automatically make you a Socialist drone, especially when the government is approving $2 trillion deficits, forcing people out of their insurance plans through unread bills that were passed, or raising taxes on working families. Go Mo!

Al Gibson

Not that surprising: the left hasn't had an original idea in decades.


Most excellent!


Some of the comments here reinforce an observation William F. Buckley made years ago.  “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”


Nick Neyland: unthinking stooge

roger rainey

Right. Because anybody who came of age in the 60's could NEVER support an unorganized grassroots movement celebrating freedom and rebelling against the authority of overreaching government overlords.


Kasper Hauser, Communism is all about conformity, it requires totalitarian control of what we can read, watch, listen to, think, believe.. I know people who lived in eastern bloc countries, under communism. Have you read the racist and despotic writings of Che Guevara? What he said about blacks, how he believed that people who listened to rock music should be put to death?!!? Have you bothered to inform yourself about what goes on to this day in the so called socialist utopia of Cuba? 2 black civil rights activists who had been jailed in Castro's prison for daring to read Dr. King's speeches in public, were starved and beaten to death last February, and in spite of knowing this, members of the congressional black caucus refused to say a word about it.

The democrat party is still the same foul party it was when it was the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the Klan, and it did create those Jim Crow laws and the KKK.


What a total shame that a musician is not walking lockstep with the liberal left. I guess the part about punk musicians being anti-establishment only applies when that establishment is not being run wholly by left-wing Democrats.

It is freakin hilarious that the author of the above piece just takes it for granted that the readers of the irrelevant Prefix magazine will be bummed that a musician is not a liberal drone. The simple mention of the words "'Tea Party" are evidently supposed to be enough to make all right thinking indviduals cringe. How pathetic. Seems dissent is not really a hallmark of the "cool crowd" anymore.

Obama is Carter

I worked with Moe Tucker in 1999--she produced and played drums on my album "The Lives of Charles Douglas" (which just got reissued by Broken Horse Records in the UK--haha, shameless plug!!) But honestly, she's an incredibly sweet person and an amazing drummer. I don't remember her having any wacky political ideas back then--although she was a little eccentric. I think it's great she's expressing her views, even if I don't share them at all!

Charles Douglas

Thank god she has the balls to NOT "tow the line" Since when did musicians and actors have to be liberal or democrat for that matter. G+Finally someone with common sense and BALLS to do the opposite of what the entire entertainment industry does. Now THAT"S rebellion I can believe in!!!!!

Vinnie in Jersey

How depressing...
How dare she speak up against the establishment
She's not allowed to think for herself, that's not what rock and roll is about


1. It's definitely her. I have talked with her in the past, and I recognize her voice.

2. It's depressing not because she's supporting the Tea Party, but because the whole socialist charge is ridiculous and unproductive. Both government and the private sector are filled with corrupt, selfish, inept entities. The difference is, the public can fire a handful of government people, not give them a golden parachute.

Moderate conservatism is great for the country, but there is no such thing as too right wing for conservatives. There is no such thing.


Neyland is a tool.

boojie boy

Are all these being generated by some comment-post machine? Just type in a few phrases I've heard a few thousand times and the machine does the rest? Because damned if it doesn't sound that way.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mfiander/profile.jpg mfiander

Maureen Tucker is a good drummer I dont care what she thinks about politics. Alun from Broken Horse owes me money!

Charles Starkweather

It does bring me down, like downs syndrome. Only retards believe that the rich should keep their money. Of course it must be taken away from them by the only people the common man can trust to make uncorrupt decisions- faceless bureaucrats in a city next to Northern Virginia and sourthern Maryland. The government is the only answer people! Wake up and let them level the playing field for everyone!

Once the playing field is level the real leaders- college educated idealists and musicians who think the right thoughts- can bring the new peasant class forward into a bright new future. Our dream is about to become a reality!

Depressing Downer

Dear Neyland,
I do believe the commenters here have poached your posterior and handed it back to you on a plate.

Happy munching oh ye of the fully colonized mind.


Back to the puns: How about "Say It Ain't Mo!"

Nate K

Where did all these weirdo right-wing trolls come from? It must be like an intern for the Freepers or something sitting at his keyboard typing them all up.

I also really like the idea that Mo Tucker is being discussed in terms of her being a "rock star" and a "celebrity." Are any of these people aware that she worked at Wal-Mart?

Another pun. "Hey Mo, even though we don't see eye to eye about politics, I'm sticking with you.

Nate K

A bit of googling reveals that most of them have come from here:

I must have missed the part where I endorsed KRS-One's views on 9/11, but apparently that's implicit in any post that bemoans musicians who don't fall into "boring lefty politics." I'm guessing that Reason's mission statement of providing "a refreshing alternative to right-wing and left-wing opinion magazines" hasn't exactly held firm over the years.

Despite this, I'd like to welcome these new posters on board, and I especially look forward to hearing their thoughts on the new Lil Wayne album.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/nick/461770063_f6a8d92e3a_s.jpg nick

Moe Tucker has officially become my "new favorite conservative."

1. Moe Tucker
2. Rip Torn
3. My cousin
4. Alice Cooper

It used to be The Nuge, but he's too far gone these days. Then Johnny Ramone, but he died.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/NateKnaebel/guide_j[1].jpg NateKnaebel

And the Paulbots make their Prefix debut!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

Fact: Reported Jennifer Ebert is Lady Gaga hiding in plain sight.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mfiander/profile.jpg mfiander

Just goes to show no matter how cool you are when you're young, you can still end up a bitter old crackpot.
Anyway, Cale and Morrison were the only ones who were any good.

hells littlest angel

At least what they're trolling about matters more than AnCo bots.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

Wow. Who knew the trick to maximizing page views and comments is just to make realtively anodyne political commentary?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Bildungsromania/djkittygalorejpg.jpg Bildungsromania

Don't believe the mainstream media smear job. Come to a Tea Party Rally in PERSON and see what it is all about with your own eyes and ears. Bet you didn't know there were 5 African-American and 2 recent immigrant speakers on stage at the last one in DC. to thunderous applause and approvals. Won't see that in the press.


Considering VU basically soundtracked the rise of the pro-Western counterculture in Czechloslovakia and indirectly contributed to the downfall of Marxism in many of the Eastern bloc countries, I'm not surprised Moe Tucker would be skeptical of the authoritarian power of the State. The fact that she understands economics is heartening; also note she has lived a hardscrabble life of late working at Wal-Mart and the like. Obama's bailouts for the wealthiest bankers and big businesses, regulations to crowd out small businesses from competing with big businesses and the coming devaluation of currency resulting from his spendthrift ways (disproportionately impacting the poor who will be pinched out by stagflation) all mark him as the most economically regressive president since Nixon.

Hobo Chang Ba

Ugh. These commenters are THE WORST. And I *hope* it's just one person commenting under tons of names because if not, it's definitive proof that not a single Tea Partier has ever had an original thought. I mean, read through them: They repeat the same idea -- in nearly the exact same language -- over and over and over and over ad nauseum...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Kali/Jumble 030_2.jpg Kali

Couple corrections here. Mo isn't a great drummer, she's mediocre at best. How in the world to you know she "understands economics?" The bailout of Wall Street and economic slump started with Bush--Obama inherited these problems so maybe she doesn't "understand economics." There is absolutely no proof that that is Mo Tucker. If it is, so what? She was still in one of the greatest groups ever even if she is a wing nut.


Who could possibly care about what Moe Tucker says about anything other than her experience with the VU?


so Gary and others here think that the Civil Rights movement was "communism" and that blacks should still be segregated? My guess is he would deny he meant this, but based on his statements its a logical conclusion about him, This article just shows how rampant paranoia can infect anyone.


HuffPost called and confirmed. It's her

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Bildungsromania/djkittygalorejpg.jpg Bildungsromania

Please, warn your friends about what happens when people drop acid too many times...

they turn into nut cases


Um, the writer said they were depressed, they didn't say the entire musical community was depressed. Big deal. It might be depressing for those who lean left and like VU.

These reactionary comments are hilarious. You guys are chastising the author of this story for having an opinion in regards to Tucker's right to her having an opinion. Knuckleheads.


Uneducated musician turns into uneducated voter. Massive surprise.


All right people seem to not understand the irony of this.
Let me explain a little bit: This woman was in a band that started in the factory, the work shop of Andy Warhol. An exellent artist who happened to be gay. What does the tea party say about homosexuality ?? I wonder!
Also, weren't they doing great amount of drugs in the 70s ?? or was this drummer the only clean person in the scene ??
I can make more points, but u get the idea of the hypocrasy of her and why it is absurd she is backing the tea party !!

La Changa

In heaven, Johnny Ramone is grinning like an undertaker!!

Squirm, 'Rats...

Merinas van der Lubbe

@La Changa - the Tea Party doesn't care who's gay or who's straight. We also don't care about your race or your gender. Only the left likes to label people like that. Stop projecting, it's unhealthy.


Tea party hit parade...

I'm waiting for my man
White Light White Heat
Walk on the Wild Side

(La Changa, this goes a little farther then Andy being Gay now...)


Love how in some people's minds rallying against corporate bailouts and for letting bad companies fail = supporting corporate domination. In a free market there would be no such a thing as a corporation, as those are artificial legal entities created by government. Hey idiots, have you figured out yet that bigger government, especially in control of the economy = bigger corporations? Big corporations can easily handle regulations, tax accounting, etc, unlike their smaller and mid-sized competitors. The government deadweight burden makes them conglomerate instead of compete, thus we have too big to fail. But by all means, keep sabotaging your own desired outcomes...

Hobo Chang Ba

nico was prettier anyway


and, for the record, mo tucker has about as much credibility and talent as ringo starr


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