The Velvet Underground’s Lou Reed Talks On Kanye West’s Yeezus

    The Talkhouse has always been a site for the musicians, letting smart and successful musicians speak on the current music scene or latest album releases. In their most recent review, they let the Velvet Underground’s Lou Reed speak on Kanye’s latest minimalist work Yeezus.

    In the the lengthy review Lou Reed comments on Kanye’s former effort My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in relation to Yeezus. Reed also speaks on Kanye’s ever growing braggadocio, and some of Yeezus‘ incredible parts: the juxtaposition vocal tones on “Blood on the Leaves,” the ending coda of Justin Vernon on “I Am A God,” and the heartbreaking and poignant, “I Can’t Hold My Liquor.”

    See some parts of his review below and the whole review at The Talkhouse.

    On the musicality of “New Slaves”:

    But musically, he nails it beyond belief on”New Slaves.” It’s mainly just voice and one or two synths, very sparse, and then it suddenly breaks out into this incredible melodic… God knows what. Frank Ocean sings this soaring part, then it segues into a moody sample of some Hungarian rock band from the ’70s. It literally gives me goosebumps. It’s like the visuals at the end of the new Superman movie — just overwhelmingly incredible. I played it over and over.

    On why you shouldn’t take him so seriously:

    But it’s just ridiculous that people are getting upset about “Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign”? C’mon, he’s just having fun. That’s no more serious than if he said he’s going to drop a bomb on the Vatican. How can you take that seriously?

    On comparing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to Yeezus:

    He seems to have insinuated in a recent New York Times interview that My Beautiful Dark, Twisted Fantasy was to make up for stupid shit he’d done. And now, with this album, it’s “Now that you like me, I’m going to make you unlike me.” It’s a dare. It’s braggadoccio. Axl Rose has done that too, lots of people have. “I Am a God” — I mean, with a song title like that, he’s just begging people to attack him.