The Velvet Underground Named Best New York Band Of All Time

    Lou Reed’s beyond-influential former group, the Velvet Underground, have another accolade to add to their résumé. The Village Voice has named them the most quintessential New York musical act of the past 57 years. Coming to this conclusion was no easy feat for the publication’s staff.

    They basically did their own version of March Madness through Sound of the City that matched up some of the Big Apple’s best bands, rappers, and so on. And in the end, the Velvet Underground emerged as the winner. What do you all think about this? Agree/disagree? Let us know. 

    Head to Village Voice for the full list of acts in the tournament, though here’s a sampling: Wu-Tang Clan, Anthrax, Paul Simon, Blondie, the Strokes, Alicia Keys, A Tribe Called Quest, and John Coltrane. [TDS]