The Vaselines Annouce First Album In 20 Years

    The last time The Vaselines released a new album, their biggest fan, Kurt Cobain, had not yet recorded Nevermind. It fact, it was shortly after they released their 1990 full-length debut, Dum-Dum, that the obscure Scottish band broke up.


    Their name would live on for decades predominantly because of their influence on Cobain, who would go on to cover their songs “Son of a Gun” and “Molly’s Lips” for Insecticide and “Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam” for the band’s MTV Unplugged  performance.


    Without Nirvana, it’s doubtful the band would have ever reunited a few years back, as their fanbase would probably be nonexistent at this point. But, in a press release today, the band’s first album in two decades is named Sex With An X, and it’s due out Sept. 14. Also, their first single “I Hate The 80s” (because the 90s and 00s were too much fun for them to spend their time making music) is available as a free download on their website.  Oh, and did I mention Sub Pop (the label that Cobain convinced to release their older material) is releasing the album? It’s as though the early 90s never left.