The US Illegally Downloads More Music Than Any Other Country

    Many Americans might still balk at the idea of socialized medicine, but it seems as of 2012 we’re pretty on board with socialized music. A new study published by the BBC looks at the statistics of who’s illegally downloading what and where, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the U.S.A. comes out way up on top. A total of 96.6 million illegal downloads landed on American hard drives via BitTorrent in the first half of 2012 alone. That’s more than twice the number of downloads claimed by the Pirate Olympics’s silver medalist; at number two, the United Kingdom came away with 43.3 million illegal downloads during the same timespan.

    So what are these digital criminals feeding into their headphones? In the United States, Drake was the most pirated artist, with his single “The Motto” downloaded nearly half a million times. But in a worldwide scope, Rihanna came out on top. Her latest record Talk That Talk was swiped 1.2 million times across all recorded countries. 

    Here are the full numbers for the top five countries to illegally download lots of music:

    1. United States – 96,681,133 downloads
    2. United Kingdom – 43,263,582 downloads
    3. Italy – 33,158,943 downloads
    4. Canada – 23,959,924 downloads
    5. Brazil – 19,724,522 downloads

    Via SPIN.