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The Unsolved Murder of Biggie Smalls

There have been several “insider” books, countless documentaries, a major motion biopic and more than ten years time since the murder of Biggie Smalls, aka the Notorious B.I.G., aka Christopher Wallace. Despite LAPD claims to constant and ongoing casework, the murder remains unsolved, and not a single arrest has been made. Now, People magazine takes a simplified look at the complex reasons why the murder of one of the world’s most famous of emcees seems no closer to being solved than it was in the hours following Wallace’s death. [People]


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Notorious BIG

You gotta know that having the LAPD still working this case is pretty much asking for it to never be solved.

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I pretty much felt they would never arrest anyone from this around the time the news came out.

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Senseless killing, people need to come together. None of this was ever worth it. East coast, west coast, south coast, it dont mean a damn thing. I could imagine if biggie and tupac was alive today wut other great songs we would have today to enjoy. Drama, greed needs to end if were all to live in 1 world. U have one life and one life isn't worth giving up for anything. Music is suppose to full of life, freedom of expression so you rapers and music artists, were all brothers and sisters in this world and wether anyone wants to believe it or not, we all come from 1 man and 1 woman and thru many of millenias we have all come to be what we are today but always remember were all brothers and sisters... white, orange, purple, blue, pink or black were all the same. PEACE!




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