The Top Musical Artists By State

    Are you in the 4th of July spirit? Billboard sure is, as they’ve unveiled what’s sure to be a contentious, fireworks-laden list. They’re listing the top charting musical artists that are most synonymous with the states they’re from, which means California and New York are embroiled in competition while Delaware enjoys the mildly safe rocking of native son George Thorogood (who else would it be?). Among the highlights of the non-scientific picks:

    *Pennsylvania: Taylor Swift beats out Hall & Oates

    *Massachusetts: Aerosmith top a bunch of other Bostonians

    *Alabama: Alabama. Duh.

    *Florida: Backstreet Boys and N’Sync split the boy-band vote, so the honor goes to Gloria Estefan

    *North Dakota: Eternal friends Lawrence Welk and Wiz Khalifa battle it out, with the accordian man taking the title

    *Texas: George Strait squeaks out a win against George Jones. Can’t argue with that.

    Check out the full list over at Billboard.