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The Top Five Most Expensive Beatles Collectibles

A new site launched recently called, and it's aim is to hip you to how much your memorabilia is worth. It also is a clearinghouse for things like the most expensive Beatles collectibles.


Luxist has a rundown of the top five, and it'll make you feel poor: The most expensive was John Lennon's Rolls Royce, which sold for $2.23 million in 1985, which means it's probably way more expensive today. Also on the list are handwritten lyrics, drum heads and a guitar.



Top Five Most Expensive Beatles Collectibles

1. John Lennon's Rolls-Royce Phantom V – $2.23 million

2. The piano John Lennon used to write Imagine - $2.1 million

3. John Lennon's handwritten lyrics to "A Day in the life" - $1,202,500

4. The drum skin which appears on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - £541,250 ($1,071,133)

5. George Harrison's Gibson SG guitar - $567,500


[Source: Luxist


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The Beatles

$2.23 million is a lot, but at least it's a Rolls-Royce!

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George Harrison's Gibson SG guitar - $567,500. George Harrison's Gibson SG guitar - $567,500


I really dont see what all the Beatles fuss was about. Seriously. Songs like Yellow Submarine and I am the Walrus? Gimme a break.

Gango Rango

@Gango Rango

Seriously you have no clue what good music is. And all of the music you listen now most definitely has influences from the Beatles.

And I love her
All you need is love
Let it be
Norwegian wood

I could go on and on and on.

mac ross

I saw the 'Imagine' piano in 1992 I think... at a Beatles 'museum' on the docks of the Mersey River in Liverpool. That being said... it isn't a Beatles Collectible.

Back in 1985, there was a different Beatles Museum in Liverpool, decked out in yellow. I don't know if it was there that I saw the Phantom, or the other spot in 1992... but for all I know, it might have been a replica. I was 9 at the time, and not particularly aware of much history behind it. They had a bunch of stuff at that museum that any Beatles fan should go check out if they can.


And... now I find out that Phantom is 3 miles away from where I sit at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, BC.


Seriously Gango Rango? Do you trawl the net looking for Beatle blogs you can troll? What a waste of time - Hey, how about that Justin Bieber then?


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