The top 20 New York bands, according to the New York Press

    See, even older publications can publish linkbait too! The New York Press, founded as the bad boy conservative rival to the Village Voice in 1988, is now facing the same issues that every major print publication is facing (though to be fair, they can’t be doing much worse than the Voice). In any event, perhaps in an attempt to drive traffic to their website to alleviate the freefall of ailing circulation, the Press has released a list of the 20 best current New York bands.


    Surprisingly, current hot shit NYU alums TV on the Radio doesn’t top this list; neither does the legendary Sonic Youth. That title goes to Animal Collective, a band that is certainly the most prolific on this list, if not the most iconic. The Press calls Animal Collective the "most talked about band in New York," which leads me to believe this feature was written before Dear Science, was released. In any event, the list is as follows:

    1. Animal Collective
    2. The Walkmen
    3. TV on the Radio
    4. Sonic Youth
    5. Gogol Bordello
    6. Department of Eagles/Grizzly Bear
    7. Marnie Stern
    8. Battles
    9. Dirty Projectors
    10. El-P
    11. Yeasayer
    12. Parts & Labor
    13. Obits
    14. Les Savy Fav
    15. LCD Soundsystem
    16. The National
    17. Apes & Androids
    18. Motel Motel
    19. Danger Mouse
    20. Magnetic Fields


    Seems like awfully low ratings for LCD Soundsystem and Danger Mouse. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Strokes, Liars, and Vampire Weekend are also nowhere to be found. Is this an attempt to be excessively cool? A list that was written too early? Pulled out of a writer’s arse? We may never know.


    ::puts on White Light/White Heat::


    [New York Press]