The Thermals Annouce Album Details For ‘Personal Life’

    The Thermals’ fifth full-length, Personal Life, is scheduled to drop Sept. 7 on Kill Rock Stars. The band is once again teamed with producer/Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla, and I hope it will be a bit louder and “punkier” than last year’s Now We Can See.


    What more can be said than this? Well, until Kill Rock Stars issues the first single “I Don’t Believe You” (a pretty Thermals-esque title, as they don’t “believe” in much) on Aug. 10, not much. The recording was apparently revolutionary, being recorded to a two-inch tape and mixed to half-inch tape, from which the vinyl is recorded to directly. If this excites you, you’re either a huge nerd or a chillwave enthusiast.


    Until then, here’s the band confusing the Pitchfork Music Festival crowd with an un-hipstery cover of Green Day’s “Basket Case.”


    [Consequence of Sound]