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The Ten Richest Musicians On Earth (Infographic)


We recently looked at the 20 rappers with the most cash on the planet, but what about music makers as a whole? Well, none other than Bono tops that list, beating out even the more popular surviving Beatle to cash out with a whopping $1 billion in net worth. Apparently that's what happens when you make lots of records and then own part of Facebook.

Sir Paul McCartney's not terribly far behind with $800 million to his name, which isn't surprising given that he's been working at being really good at music for half a century or so. Good for him. Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Sean Combs round out the top 5, while Sir Elton John, Jay-Z, Mick Jagger, Sting, and Keith Richards complete the wealthiest 10. Scroll down through the full infographic to get the deets on what makes these human empires worth quite so much. [Hypebot]

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