The Ten Best Obscure Simpsons Characters, As Picked By The Writers

    Everyone has a favorite obscure Simpsons character. My favorites? Scammer and Z Dog, the hip candy machine mascots that shill for “monosodium poisonate.”

    But perhaps the writers of the show have the best handle on all 1,612 (and counting) personalities in The Simpsons universe. Vulture decided to ask the current writing team what their favorite oddball characters are, and the results are fun, to say the least. Given that these writers have been studying the show for 23 seasons (and counting), they know their stuff. Read the full run-down below, and head to Vulture to find out their rationale on the choices.

    1. Just-Stamp-The-Ticket-Man (“When Flanders Failed,” Season 3)

    2. Señor Ding-Dong (“Maximum Homerdrive,” Season 10)

    3. Baron Von Kiss-A-Alot (“Half-Decent Proposal,” Season 13)

    4. Don Brodka (“Marge Be Not Proud,” Season 7)

    5. The Grumple (“Kill Gil Volumes 1 & 2,” Season 18)

    6. Goose Gladwell (“Fat Man And Little Boy,”) Season 16

    7. Bleeding Gums Murphy

    8. Blinky The Three-Eyed Fish (“Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish,” Season Two)

    9. Plopper, a.k.a. Spider-Pig (The Simpsons Movie)

    10. Hank Scorpio (“You Only Move Twice,” Season 8)