The Strokes Back In The Studio Already

    So it seems like Angles only gave us a couple week break from all the “We’re recording a new album” or “STROKES IN THE STUDIO!!!!” stories that surrounded the Strokes since 2006. Because we’ve already kicked back into high gear with dispatches from bassist Nikolai Fraiture, who is telling NME that the band has already hit the studio to record their fifth album, in an attempt to “build” on the momentum they have right now. Here’s what Fraiture said:

    “We already went back [in the studio] a little bit. Every time we have a couple of weeks off we like to go back into the studio to see how things progress and not leave them [too long].”


    The bassist added: “I don’t think it’s ‘urgent’ in the way that we feel pushed. It’s ‘urgent’ in the way we want to work on music and keep the up momentum that we’ve managed to build up to now.” Fraiture added that band relations were good, saying: “Right now everyone’s getting along, we’re all travelling together, it’s a good vibe.”


    That last part is probably most important, because for a while it has seemed that the band doesn’t want to be around each other, and recording a new album would allow them to leave their contract. But apparently everything is peachy, according to the dude least likely to be fighting with anyone else. But I guess we should get excited? Strokes in the studio! [NME]