The Streets Releases ‘Cyberspace And Reds’ Mixtape, But Good Luck Downloading It

    Back in November, Mike Skinner announced that he would release a mixtape to complement his final album as the Streets, Computers and Blues. The mixtape, which he described would have lyrics that “make no sense” and be built from the “recordings of various room,” is called Cyberspace and Reds, and it’s out now. You can listen below, but actually getting a hold of it is going to be kind of tricky.

    See, Skinner posted a barcode on his blog yesterday afternoon, and in order to download the mixtape you need to have an iPhone, download the “Mike Skinner” app from the app store, scan that barcode and then scan the barcode from “the side of a 300g tin of tomato soup by a well known brand.”

    So if you happen to have an iPhone and live near a British supermarket, go to town with the barcodes. Otherwise take a listen below, kindly uploaded by Some Kind of Awesome, and wait a few days until the files appear all over the Internet. Be prepared, though; Cyberspace and Reds ain’t field recordings and nonsense lyrics. Instead, it features a crew of grime artists (Wiley, Rinse, Kano and Trim among many others) and familiar production flourishes.


    Computers and Blues is out Feb. 7.