The Stooges Releasing Massive ‘Raw Power’ Reissue

    A reformed Stooges are going to be hitting the road this year to perform the hell out of their third album, Raw Power, and being that they’ll be taking the time to honor the album, their label will be reissuing the album in two deluxe formats. 


    The first edition, due out on April 13, is called the Legacy Edition, and will feature a remastered version of the album with David Bowie’s original mix. The second disc will include a show from 1973, and two unreleased tracks (titled “Doojiman” and “Head On”). It will also come packaged with a 24-page booklet about the band.


    On April 27, the deluxe edition of Raw Power comes out, and it will feature the Legacy Edition, along with another disc including five more unreleased tracks and a 30-minute DVD called The Making of Raw Power. It’ll also come packaged with a bunch of other stuff, including pictures essays from Tom Morello and Henry Rollins and a 7-inch single of “Search and Destroy.” Time to take on another job to afford this, people. [Pitchfork]