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The Stone Roses Have Signed A Record Deal

Following news of a reunion, a string of festival dates, and a few inevitable reissues, The Stone Roses have formally signed a record deal with Columbia to record and release their first new album in seventeen years.

Given the cryptic history of the band, and the fact that their self-titled debut is about as fully-formed as an album can get, this is obviously big news for a certain demographic. I bet there’s a jaded indie-pop vet who’s treating this like a new Zeppelin joint right now.

No word on what the new music will sound like or when we’re going to hear it, but considering it’s a major label it’s gotta be something more concrete than say, that ever-erstwhile third My Bloody Valentine entry. It’s also good to see some real progress being made on all the warm ‘90s revivalism going on right now – as it remains to be seen if those swirling comments about new music from Blur or Pulp will ever be anything more than hype. [CoS]

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The Stone Roses

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