The Smoking Gun Reveals Rihanna’s Backstage Demands

    The Smoking Gun has built a great archive of the unusual and bizarre backstage demands of music artists, and continues that trend by getting their hands on the rider for Rihanna’s 2010 tour. She may not be in the same league as Mariah Carey, but don’t try staging a Rihanna show unless you’ve got a six-foot long white couch (not leather) and some animal print throw pillows (“Cheetah, Leopard”).


    The theme for Rihanna’s backstage space should be “Icy Blue Chiffon” according to the rider, and some “Archipelago Black Forest Candles” are a must. There is also a capitalized and bolded request to “PLEASE DEEP CLEAN TOILET & SHOWER” before the singer shows up.


    It might not be a surprise to learn that Rihanna has diva-like tendencies, but considering she’s only 22 years old, imagine how these are all going to escalate as the years pass. Oh, and don’t forget to clean that rug, because she will be walking on it barefoot. Rihanna’s two-page list of backstage demands can be read here.