The Smashing Pumpkins Share “Drum + Fife,” Another Song From Upcoming LP

    2014 has been a busy year for Billy Corgan, and an important one for the Smashing Pumpkins’ legacy. September saw the re-release of the alt-rock band’s classic Adore, and two brand new Smashing Pumpkins’ albums are currently slated for an imminent release. First up is Monuments to an Elegy, out December 9. The fourth teaser off the album, “Drum + Fife,” dropped yesterday, and should be noted as (perhaps surprisingly) a terrific track, harking back to Corgan’s heyday as a musician with its grandiose, melancholic hooks and 1990s-style production vibe.

    The second album the band has been writing and recording, Day for Night, is expected to arrive early next year. For now, check out “Drum + Fife” below: