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The Rosebuds Dropping 'Loud Planes Fly Low' June 7

The story of bandmates falling out of favor with each other is one that's likely as old as modern music itself. But it's not often you hear one like what happened behind the scenes to North Carolina's the Rosebuds. After releasing 2009's Life Like, the husband-and-wife duo of Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard realized that their marital issues had hit a breaking point. And after the relationship ended, Crisp moved to Brooklyn and as a result, the Rosebuds were in limbo.


Although their marriage had failed, Crisp and Howard didn't want The Rosebuds to suffer the same fate. They eventually began working on a fifth album, Loud Planes Fly Low, which has been described as their most inventive project yet. Its 10 tracks showcase the duo pushing their style to the limits as they incorporate elements of R&B, straight-up rock, and soul. Loud Planes Fly Low is also apparently their most honest since their debut, The Rosebuds Make Out. Unlike the jubilant pop heard on there, though, the new album features all the sadness and frustration you would expect from two people accepting that their personal relationship has ended.


The above video offers a preview of track "Go Ahead." Loud Planes Fly Low drops June 7. The track list is below.


01 Go Ahead
02 Limitless Arms
03 Second Bird of Paradise
04 Come Visit Me
05 Without a Focus
06 Waiting for You
07 Woods
08 A Story
09 Cover Ears
10 Worthwhile

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The Rosebuds

Love these guys, glad they're still around. Can't wait to hear this.

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