The Roots Talk Their Early Days, D.D. Jackson (Video)

    Fresh off the release of Undun, the Roots’ Black Thought and Questlove sat down with the folks at VEVO for a brief, albeit informative, interview. It’s a three-part discussion that includes a revealing look at Black Thought’s high school days, which were split between working late nights at an Uno Chicago Grill, selling drugs, and hitting the studio. Oh, and school, of course, though he was late most of the time. You also get to hear about Questlove’s thoughts on Karmin — that annoying boy-girl duo that does Top 40 covers and landed an Epic Records deal — and D.D. Jackson, who rips shit on Undun. You can watch the three interview pieces below. [RR]

    Black Thought talks his earlier days

    Questlove talks Karmin

    Questlove talks D.D. Jackson