The Roots “Slow Jam the News” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Video)

    Justin Timberlake’s impersonations of John Mayer and Michael McDonald on the premiere episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has been getting tons of attention today and rightfully so. The guy was spot-on and carried an otherwise weak interview. But for those who didn’t catch the other 50 minutes of the show, Timberlake was not the only source of entertainment.


    The Roots proved to be one of the more intriguing factors of Fallon’s show and have probably already cemented their place as the most enjoyable late night talk show band. Aside from the lively musical interludes and lightning fast ability to play almost any song on demand, Fallon incorporated them into a segment that I can only hope will appear regularly, "Slow Jam the News."


    At a point during Fallon’s monologue, he stared at the camera with a "come hither" look and delivered the day’s news while The Roots played music intended for making babies. What makes it so funny is that the lines could be read as is and not sound any different from what a news reporter might say and the sensual sincerity that is given to these straight lines with a bit of innuendo. And who knew that Black Thought had a not half-bad singing voice? [NahRight]


    Watch the video here.