The Rolling Stones Spotted Recording In Paris

    For a band celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Rolling Stones have been surprisingly quiet. Though they’ve had small events to mark the occasion, there hasn’t been anything noteworthy, outside of their documentary and rehearsing in New York, until now.

    According to Rolling Stone, the band was photographed leaving a studio in Paris on August 21st. Two days, later, Mick Jagger tweeted a photo of himself in a studio surrounded by a bunch of instruments, which look at a lot like those of his bandmates, including cases of Fender amps, Telecasters, Stratocasters and several harmonicas. “Had fun in the Paris studio this week!” he wrote.

    It’s been long rumored that the band will be playing some live shows, which was fueled by Jagger’s comments in the London Evening Standard. What was once a surprisingly slow year for the Rolling Stones could get very busy in a moment’s notice.