The Rest Of ‘The Hunger Games’ Films Will Be Directed By Francis Lawrence

    There are two basic kinds of film directors — those who want to create a movie, from the conception of an idea to the finished product — and the ones who like tackling big projects that others have dreamed up. 

    The former category includes auteurs like Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson and The Coen Brothers. It includes folks who write their own scripts, occasionally edit their own pictures and are interested in every little detail. 

    The latter group directs blockbuster movies. They usually focus purely on leading the production team and focusing on visual elements, and they include in their ranks Michael Bay and Ridley Scott. 

    The two groups have their own wheelhouses, so to speak, in which they work, and seeing them cross over doesn’t make much sense artistically or financially. Thus, the latest news from IndieWire is neither earth-shattering nor unsettling. 

    It seems that The Hunger Games series, which will eventually stretch to four motion pictures over the course of the next decade, will retain the same director throughout the remainder its run. Francis Lawrence, who previously helmed Constantine and I Am Legend, is going to see through the franchise begun this year by Gary Ross.