The Real Hall & Oates Kill The Super PAC Named After Them

    Last week, the Federal Election Commission officially recognized a Super PAC called “Hall And Oates Fans For America.” Spokesman William Hansmann said it was “kind of a joke a couple of us came up with drunk one night” while hanging out with friends it Atlanta. Why Hall and Oates? It’s “as bipartisan a name that any American could support as there could be.” If anything, the stunt proved how easy it is to create a political funding machine (Stephen Colbert certainly knows).

    But now the real Daryl Hall and John Oates have squashed the whole thing. They were understandably uneasy about having their names attached to a political cause, albeit a dubious one. Still, the two were flattered and they reached an amicable agreement with Hansmann to dissolve the Super PAC before it could actually raise any funds. Is it too late for “Hall & Oates 2012” bumper stickers? [Daily Swarm/Politicker]