The Rapture Claim New Album Will Allow You To Interface With Your Soul

    The Rapture, who are now a three-piece after longtime bassist Mattie Safer quit in 2009, are hard at work on their third album in France with producer Phillippe Zdar, the same producer who worked on Phoenix’s smash Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album. It seems like about 15 years ago that the Rapture first ruptured our blog consciousness with “House of Jealous Lovers,” and slightly less than Pieces of the People We Love, so they know they’ve got some ground to make up. 


    If this recent interview with Pitchfork is to be believed, the band is pretty serious about the new album being awesome, as band members Vito Roccoforte and Gabe Andruzzi are saying some pretty heady stuff about the album.


    “It’s hard to guess what songs will make the record at the point, but I’d say this album is gonna be a lot more like Echoes than Pieces— it’ll be a broader album. It won’t be all dance songs,” says drummer Vito Roccoforte. “So far the recordings sound to me like the band playing live. We haven’t done a lot of editing; we’re trying to keep it organic.”


    “Being in Paris makes the whole process seem kind of mysterious, a little magical,” says Andruzzi. “It’s going to be a mystical, magical album.” I tell him that “mystical, magical” reminds me of Steve Jobs introducing the iPad


    “Our new album’s gonna be fucking 100 times better than the iPad,” he jokes. “With this record you’re going to be interfacing with your soul in ways that have never happened before.”

    “Fucking 100 times better than the iPad? Maybe the Rapture are Windows guys. The band reportedly hopes for the album to be out in June or July, but they don’t actually have a label at the moment after opting out of their contract with Universal. We’ll have to take the wait-and-see approach with this one. Especially with the whole soul interfacing thing. [P4K]