The Raconteurs to Black Lips: Thou Shall Not Spit

    In an interview with MTV, Atlanta flower punks Black Lips revealed that they got a list of things they aren’t allowed to do on stage during their tour with the Raconteurs. The most egregious on the list? No spitting.


    The band, of course, isn’t harboring any ill feelings toward the Raconteurs; they’re happy for the exposure. "We absolutely appreciate the Raconteurs taking us on tour with them," Lips guitarist Ian St. Pe told MTV, who also said the Lips were asked not to set guitars on fire and not to touch the monitors.


    This news probably came hard to singer/guitrist Cole Alexander, who has perfected the “spit in the air and catch it in your mouth” routine over the last few years. Plus, no setting guitars on fire? No touching monitors? Are the Raconteurs on a rock tour, or on a touring museum exhibit tour?

    At any rate, the Lips can go back to their old tricks since their tour with the Raconteurs has only two more dates: tonight in Columbus, Ohio, at the LC Amphitheatre, and tomorrow night at Cincinnati at National City Pavilion. [MTV]