The Prodigy Name New Album ‘How To Steal A Jet Fighter’

    It was way back in 2010 that English outfit the Prodigy first hinted at a return to the studio for a follow up to 2009’s Invaders Must Die. In 2011 the band released a film but the trail seemed to go cold on their new full-length. Only later that year did they finally premiere some new material at their shows in Brazil.

    The new album has just taken slightly more definite shape, with frontman Liam Howlett confirming How To Steal A Jet Fighter as its working title. Howlett also gave some clues about the record’s direction:

    We’re really excited about it. The last record was kind of a party album, I guess. We were all happy to be back together again. But the best tunes of that album are the ones that have less of that. It’s definitely going to be heavier, darker.

    There is still no precise release date for the album, but the Prodigy will likely give their new material a full debut when they headline the UK’s Download Festival this summer. [Hypetrak]