The Postal Service Reunion Rumor Gets Even Closer To Being Confirmed

    Just about two weeks ago we had reported that Brooklyn Vegan had reported that there was going to be a Postal Service reunion. No definite confirmation was reported other than it was in the works. Rumors began to lead and point towards a Coachella performance. But until till this day, there still has been no further details have been revealed.

    What we are given though, is an update to their website. A black background, their logo and the year 2013 stamped right on the front. If that’s any indication, there is definitely something in the works for the duo this year. And whether that’s a new album or just a performance that is unknown.

    But as Consequence of Sound stated, in an interview with, Gibbard stated:

    “There are no plans to make a second record … I can’t say that enough,” he added. “I find that making music in computers involves a lot of mouse time … I don’t have an aesthetic for that… I’m much more interested in playing music than creating it.”

    This interview occurred in October, 2012. Maybe their minds have changed or maybe just like Justin Timberlake, they’ve been working on new material this whole time and just wants the world foaming at their mouths in anticipation. 

    2013 is looking to be one wild year in music so far.