The Pogues May Not Split, Band Members Arguing On Website Forum

    It looks like the tributes and obituaries laid at the feet of the soon-to-be-split Pogues may have been premature. After an announcement was made that the band were playing a “farewell tour” in the U.K. over the forthcoming seasonal period, Phil Chevron from the group has taken to the group’s website to issue an angry rebuttal.


    “This claim does not come from me and I will neither be supporting it nor discussing it,” said Chevron, writing on the group’s forum. “You may consider it a marketing ploy if you wish.” This was followed by a post by Spider Stacy from the band, who opened up a debate with Chevron via the following missive:


    “This is the last Christmas tour for the foreseeable future. That’s not to say we won’t be showing up at festivals here and there or maybe even the odd gig around the UK and Ireland and certainly in Europe. But we’re tired of dragging our weary, freezing carcasses around these drowning islands every December, so we’re going to give it a rest before you get tired of it, too.”


    Chevron responded by saying: “As you can see, opinion is not uniform on the matter. Spider is using the royal ‘we’ here.” Stacy responded: “Using the royal ‘we’? God forbid a band member would come on these pages and do something like that!” It’s unusual for a band to argue so publicly, but ultimately this doesn’t offer many clues as to whether the band is splitting up or not. “May I appeal to Spider for further explanation of his previous post?” asks one bewildered fan.


    Read the exchange here to decide for yourself.


    [via The Guardian]