The Orb And Lee “Scratch” Perry Working On Collaborative Album

    The storied career of Lee “Scratch” Perry has taken some unsual twists and turns over the years. His 2008 record, Repentance, featured collaborations from Andrew W.K., porn star Sasha Grey and Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt. Now, Perry is in collaborative mode again, with an album set for release with English ambient pioneers the Orb.

    “We wanted to do a souly type, modern, minimal album with some reggae influences with [Perry’s] vocals on top,” said Alex Paterson of the Orb, in an interview with Pulse Radio. “I think its one of the best bits of work we’ve ever done.” Paterson claims the finished record will be released in September of this year.

    But the adventure between these two maverick talents doesn’t end there—a full tour is also being planned. “He’s gonna be coming out on tour with us as well. We’ll be doing festivals at the end of this year; hopefully we’ll be coming down to Australia again before Christmas,” Paterson said. If the music marks a return to the feel of tracks like “Tower of Dub” from U.F.Orb then this will be more than worth the wait. [via FACT]