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The OMFG files: Pete Doherty's cat found high on cocaine

Just a day after Pete Doherty was released from court following charges of breaching bail, Yahoo! News UK is reporting that veterinarians have taken away his cat after traces of cocaine were discovered in the animal's blood. The young kitten, born recently to Doherty's other cat Dinger, had fallen ill, and vets had located the cocaine in subsequent tests. I don't know what's more cruel: that Doherty somehow allowed (negligence is all we can assume at this point) his kitty to bogart his stash, or that he named his cat Dinger.
Anyone still interested in Doherty's other, less-publicized career as the leader of nu-garagers Babyshambles can note that, along with its new album, the band is set to release a new compilation album of songs chosen by the band entitled, Back On The Bus- What Goes On Tour Stays On Tour. Apparently it also includes a track called "Tourbus Tales" in which the band discusses supermodels and crackwhores. Hey, that oughta keep everyone's mind off your more disgraceful predilections, Pete!
Doherty's cat swallowed cocaine [Yahoo! News UK]
Album Announcement, Babyshambles - Astralwerks to release Babyshambles album David Hasselhoff, Flight of the Conchords, Tay Zonday Looking to get dumped? These songs could do the trick.
Pete Doherty

Grade A (not Class A) delightful.And fact: "Dinger" is Brit slang for "syringe". How apropos!

Sara Schweizer

Ha, that sheds a little light on the situation.

Joel Michael Cusumano

nice pic for the post.

Dave Park

ha, yeah, hopefully it doesn't undercut the, um, gravity of the situation...

Joel Michael Cusumano

Not that this is in his defense at all, but cats do have an infuriating ability to get into most anything. P-Dots could have had his blow in a safe and the puss would've figured a way to break in.

John Zeiss

[...] August 23, 2007 Cocaine Cat Posted by lupintan under WTH!!!  Heard of this News. [...]

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