The Next Big Comedy Team Is Jamie Foxx And Ken Jeong?

    If you ever complain that Hollywood only makes predictable and boring movies, you need to pay closer attention. Sure, there’s the usual schmaltz and dreck released every weekend, but enough inspired ideas get through that make paying attention to the mainstream system worthwhile. 

    The latest news in this vein comes from IndieWire. It seems that two very unlikely actors will soon be working together on multiple projects. I have a feeling that no one picked both Ken Jeong and Jamie Foxx in the pool, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t see this coming. 

    Foxx, of course, is the versatile actor who started out as a stand-up comedian, starred in Oscar-nominated pictures like Ray and has even lent vocals to Kanye West songs. Jeong is the doctor-turned-comedian who has built a cult following on the show Community and in films such as the Hangover and Knocked Up

    The news source reports that their first project, written by Jeong, is called After Prom and involves two high school buddies preparing their own kids for prom years later. The second is being penned by Foxx and describes two basketball fans who are split over which player is the best — Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. 

    The idea of these movies succeeding is very enticing. Who doesn’t thing the two of them would have great chemistry, and who wouldn’t want to see them team up for multiple films in the future?