The National’s Matt Berninger And Eels’ E Mistaken For Terrorists

    Add one more and we’ll have an official trend on our hands: In the last week, both Matt Berninger and Mark Oliver Everett of Eels were taken as terrorists by police officers. In Berninger’s case, he was flying from Tokyo to North American with a connecting flight in Hawaii. When he was in Tokyo, he bought a goofy alarm clock that looked like a bomb, and when it went through the X-ray in his suitcase, airport officials evacuated the place and questioned Berninger:

    “I had bought a novelty clock in Tokyo, some sort of MacGyver, goofball alarm clock that happened to look exactly like a bomb. And it was in my suitcase….I had the Honolulu airport evacuated for about 45 minutes. I ultimately had to surrender the alarm clock to the TSA but they were very pleasant and professional. They had done a great job and I thanked them and they let me go.” He also apologizes to anyone who missed their connecting flight.

    In Everett’s case it was his long beard that got in the way, when he was arrested by London police because they confused him for a “suspicious person” they were looking for. Everett looking suspicious? Seems about right. He was let go shortly after being arrested. [P4K]