The National Names “Exile, Vilify” Video Competition Winner

    One of the first times people heard the National’s “Exile, Vilify” was in a live setting, but that seems like a pretty normal introduction compared to what came next. Firstly, the song was used in the video game Portal 2, which is about as far removed from the National’s comfort zone as you could possibly get. Then, a contest was held for fans to shoot their own video for the song, the winner of which you can see below. The struggle to name a victor in the contest resulted in the band naming a first and 1,00000000001th place winner (you can also see the latter below). The winning clip from C.F. Meister might be the first time a sock puppet has ever looked so depressed, but it’s strangely fitting for the melancholy strains of “Exile, Vilify.” [via CoS]