The Men Announce New Album, ‘Tomorrow’s Hits’

    The Men have announced a follow-up to this year’s critically acclaimed New Moon that will be titled Tomorrow’s Hits. Serving as their fifth-studio album, Tomorrow’s Hits is promised to be their “highest fidelity album to date” recorded at a “high-end studio.” The above photo will serve as its cover. 

    Besides incorporating their staple guitar-driven riffs, the album will also include horns. Surprisingly, prior to New Moon‘s release, the album was already recorded at Brooklyn’s Stage Weather studios. According to a press release the album will include eight songs, all of which were in “a pool of over 40 demos written and recorded in guitarist Mark Perro’s Bushwick bedroom during a three month period last winter.”

    While the album is set to drop on March 14 via Sacred Bones, the Brooklyn outfit has already previewed much of the album on tour including “Dark Waltz,” “Different Days,” and “Settle Me Down.” Stream “Settle Me Down,” and view the tracklist below.

    Tomorrow’s Hits:

    01. Dark Waltz

    02. Get What You Give

    03. Another Night

    04. Different Days

    05. Sleepless

    06. Pearly Gates

    07. Settle Me Down

    08. Going Down