The Knux Prepping ‘Eraser’ For September Release

    The Knux intended on dropping their sophomore album, Eraser, back in June. But that didn’t obviously happen. Since then, the rock-leaning hip-hop duo has been relatively quiet aside from leaking a new single, “Run,” in July and releasing a Daytrotter session earlier this month. There’s a good reason for their silence, though. They’re apparently prepping the album for a late September release. Along with that news, the Knux have revealed that their album is completely self-produced and includes features from Kid Cudi (who appeared on “Run”), J*DaVeY, Natalia Kills, and Black Miller.

    Eraser drops Sept. 27, aka an absolutely huge day for hip-hop. View its track listing below.

    Update: It’s a rumored track list. The Knux denied it on their Twitter account.

    1 The Road
    2 Fame-Us featuring Black Miller  
    3 Run featuring Kid Cudi   
    4 I See Stars featuring J*DaVeY   
    5 1974 featuring Natalia Kills
    6 Beautiful Liars   
    7 Maniac  
    8 She’s So Up  
    9 Dead World 
    10 Queen Of The Cold
    11 Eraser
    12 Razerblade
    13 You Can’t Lose