The Klaxons Go Green While Recording New Album

    The Klaxons are having a troubled time producing the follow-up to their acclaimed Myths of the Near Future album. Their first stab at producing the record met with a frosty response from their label, Universal, who sent them back to the studio to record something more commercially viable.

    The energy has drained out of the nu-rave movement, so it’s not surprising that the Klaxons are trying something different. It would be fascinating to hear the “really heavy record” that was rejected, although no leaks have emerged yet. Perhaps it will end up being their Smile? In the meantime, the band members have been talking about their attempts to save the environment while recording the new album.

    The Klaxons have been working at the Premises, which is the only solar powered recording studio in the U.K. “We’re proud to back the We Support Solar campaign,” says a statement from the band. “We use The Premises solar-powered recording studio and we know how important solar power is to the delivery of a low carbon U.K.”


    [via ContactMusic]