The Kills Cover Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”

    The Kills and Fleetwood Mac don’t seem all that similar at first: Fleetwood Mac is a quartet whereas the Kills are a duo, and the art-punk of the Kills couldn’t be further from the Mac’s luminous ’70s sound. But both bands rep the debauchery of their respective decades, and on this Kills cover of “Dreams,” singer Alison Mosshart updates Stevie Nicks’ vocals in a pretty incredible way.

    The cover is darker than the original, with a spare, gloomy guitar stomp from Jamie Hince and Mosshart sounding like Nicks’ wicked little sister. It’s an unlikely cover, but unlikely covers usually stand out more than expected ones. This one has the novelty factor; plus, you really can’t go wrong with a classic like “Dreams.” Listen below.