The Kills Announce New Album ‘Blood Pressures’

    The “other” male-female blues-rock duo, the Kills, were last heard from in 2008 with their third LP Midnight Boom. While singer Alison Mosshart has been visibly busy with the Jack White side-project the Dead Weather, the release of the Kills’ fourth album, Blood Pressures, proves the duo of Mosshart and guitarist Jamie Hince are very much still an entity.


    The band shared some vignettes regarding the recording process on their official website.


    “Alison went through 52 blank cassette tapes in her 4-track recorder. Jamie bought three guitars and a mellotron. The studio dogs ate 360 pounds of dog food. We drank all the red wine, watched VHS tapes on Vietnam, got blown down the street by hurricane force winds, watched lightning storms, rode bicycles/crashed bicycles. We started a game of rummy and never finished it. We tried to BBQ and realized we weren’t that way inclined.”


    “We finished the last few songs in London with our Michigan friends and Alison found a dog to borrow to have at the studio to make things more ‘normal.’ Does this sound confusing? Good. We’ll be in touch. P.S. we’ve got tour dates we will announce very soon.” [AUX.TV]


    The tracklist for Blood Pressures:


    1. Future Stars Slow

    2. Satellite

    3. Heart Is A Beating Drum

    4. Nail In My Coffin

    5. Wild Charms

    6. DNA

    7. Baby Says

    8. Last Goodbye

    9. Damned If She Do

    10. You Don’t Own The Road

    11. Pots And Pans