The Kills And Sonic Youth On Elijah Wood Charity Album

    Elijah Wood has taken a break from acting to curate a new charity album, which will be in aid of a non-profit organization that brings artists into hospitals to help with sick children. More information on The Art Of Elysium group is available at this link, and the album is titled Elysium: A Benefit For the Art of Elysium.


    The 20-track record is available to download from the iTunes store now, and contains tracks from the Kills, Sleigh Bells, Sonic Youth, and many others. Click this link to purchase the album, and see below for the full track listing, which offers insight into Wood’s personal taste:


    01 Black Mountain: “Tyrants”

    02 The Kills: “Tape Song”

    03 Sleigh Bells: “Infinity Guitars”

    04 Grass Widow: “Rattled Call”

    05 Music Go Music: “Reach Out”

    06 Jeremy Jay: “Beautiful Dreamer”

    07 Sleepy Sun: “New Age”

    08 Wolf People: “October Fires”

    09 The Golden Dogs: “Permanent Record”

    10 Oh No Ono: “Internet Warrior”

    11 Sonic Youth: “No Way”

    12 White Denim: “Yo-Yo”

    13 Malachai: “Hear It Comes”

    14 Cave: “Made in Malaysia”

    15 Ty Segall: “Caesar”

    16 Balaclavas: “Up the Newel”

    17 Earthless: “Jull”

    18 Sweet Apple: “Do You Remember”

    19 The Soft Pack: “Answer to Yourself”

    20 Stardeath & White Dwarfs: “New Heat”