The Killers Ronnie Vannucci Jr. Suggest That Mitt Romney Is Using The Band To Appeal To Younger Voters

    When bassist Mark Stoermer and singer Brandon Flowers took a neutral position regarding Mitt Romney’s endorsement of their band, it seemed like the band was going to keep their opinions about the Republican’s support to themselves. Not so much anymore

    In an interview with Spinner, The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. suggests that Romney is trying to win over younger audiences by expressing his love for the Las Vegas rockers.

    “I’m sure Mitt is… Maybe he’s saying it to say to the younger generation that he’s hip or something like that,” Vannucci says.

    When asked which presidential candidate had his support, the drummer kept with the company line by saying, “May the best man win.”

    Regardless of your opinion of the band’s music, you have to admit The Killers have played the neutrality card as well as any group in recent memory.