The Killers Don’t Mind Mitt Romney’s Support

    In an election year where a number of musicians, like Rage Against The Machine, Silversun Pickups and Twisted Sister have distanced themselves from the Republican ticket, The Killers have decided to take the politically correct route.

    “Anyone’s allowed to like us,” Killers bassist Mark Stoermer tells Rolling Stone. “If it’s just about music, I guess it’s not a negative thing.”

    Romney brought up the Las Vegas-based outfit – whose lead singer, Brandon Flowers is Mormon as well– in an interview with Parade. “The Killers are one group I enjoy,” he said, noting that, if elected, he’d also welcome an eclectic batch of bands including the Beach Boys, Alabama, Aerosmith and country stars Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith to play at the White House.

    But would The Killers consider playing at the White House?


    “We’d have to cross that bridge when we come to it,” Stoermer said. “We’re not really a political band. And we don’t necessarily have all the same views, but none of us are very politically active anyway. I guess we would be open to it, depending on if and when it happens and what it was about.”