The Internet Sends Pitbull To Perform At A Walmart On An Alaskan Island

    After Walmart announced a contest that would send Pitbull to perform at the Walmart store with the most Facebook likes, Something Awful writer David Thorpe launched an Internet campaign to make that Walmart store the most isolated one he could find: a Walmart on an island off of the southern coast of Alaska called Kodiak Island.
    Even though the population of Kodiak doesn’t top 7,000 (U.S. Census Bureau reports 6,357 in 2009), right now their Facebook page has 42,400 likes. The Miami Herald reported a definitive quote from Walmart about the whole situation:
    “He’s definitely coming to Kodiak if Kodiak wins,” she said.
    If you feel like doing your part in Pitbull’s exile, the Walmart Kodiak Facebook page is here, and the campaign’s official hashtag is #exilepitbull. [RS]

    UPDATE: As of 12:45 EST on July 5, Walmart Kodiak now has 60,595 likes.